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Personal Injury Articles

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Our team of San Antonio injury attorneys at Barrus Law Group is dedicated to providing free educational articles to help you find answers for important legal questions.  Our website's article library is full of in-depth articles on issues and frequently asked questions pertaining to personal injury laws in Texas.  If you can't find the answer to a question, or need other assistance, contact us at any time and we will be happy to answer your questions - free of charge.

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Injury Attorney Discusses Salvaging Claims After Giving a Recorded Statement.First things first – Don’t get into a panic. Although giving a recorded statement to the insurance company is never advised, and might raise some issues with your case in the future, you may be able to save your injury claim – especially with the help of an experienced car accident attorney. You’re not the first car accident victim in San Antonio to get tricked into providing a recorded statement, and you definitely won’t be the last.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident and what was recorded in the statement, you may still have a chance of building a strong case even with the insurance company using your words against you. However, this all depends on having reliable assistance from an attorney experienced in battling the insurance company tactics.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Know your rights to avoid making any more mistakes. You can call us to request a copy of our book, “10 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your Texas Accident Case,” or you can download a free copy here.  This book is a comprehensive guide on what to do and what not to do during the claims process in the state of Texas. This book will tell you how to protect your rights and avoid some of the common mistakes injured victims make when filing a personal injury claim.
  • Talk to a lawyer with experience in handling car accident claims. Every case is unique, and not all lawyers know how to deal with complex car accident claims. Get in touch with a lawyer who can provide expert advice, one who takes the time to understand your case and provide you with a to-do list of steps to minimize the potential damage done by your recorded statement. Our legal is team is more than happy to provide you with assistance—call us today at (210) 593-8709 to schedule a FREE consultation to see how we can help you salvage your injury case.

If you found this article useful, learn more by contacting Barrus Injury Lawyers.  We can answer any questions you have, and can help educate you on the process for handling your personal injury claims.  Contact us here, or call us today at (210) 593-8709. 

Find us on Facebook and Twitter, where post regular updates, answers to FAQs, and tips for car accident victims in Texas. Our YouTube channel also has a lot of helpful videos about injury claims in Texas.


Texas accident attorney discusses drunk driving car accident liability.Drunk driving accidents are a huge problem here in San Antonio.  And, although you might think a DUI conviction against the other that caused your San Antonio car accident will improve your chances of a favorable personal injury claim, but it’s actually not a guarantee of smooth sailing throughout the claims process. It won’t ensure that the insurance company will negotiate with you, much less give you the full amount you deserve.

No two personal injury cases are the same, which is why it helps to consult the expertise of a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, especially when these factors are involved in your situation.

  • Your injuries are serious and/or debilitating.
  • Your accident involved multiple cars.
  • Your accident involved the Texas Dram Shop Act
  • The other driver or his insurance company is making counter accusations against you.
  • You’re dealing with a complex assortment of factors overwhelming your ability to file a claim.

Remember that insurance companies will still undervalue your claim for personal injury compensation, even if your case involves an obvious example of negligence on the part of the other driver. When this happens, it helps to hire the services of a lawyer with experience representing clients through the process of filing accident claims.

Car accident and personal injury lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies. A lawyer can provide a realistic estimate of your claim’s value, will take care of the significant amount of paperwork involved in the legal proceedings, and ultimately, will help you get the compensation to cover the costs of your injuries.

It’s important to understand that regardless of whether or not the other driver is convicted for a criminal offense, your claim with the insurance company is an entirely separate matter. If you’re wondering if you need legal assistance, we encourage you to call our legal team today at (210) 593-8709 and schedule a FREE consultation, or schedule a FREE injury consultation on our website. For more information on the ins and outs of personal injury claims, go to our official Facebook page, Barrus Injury Lawyers.


San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney Gives Advice On Dealing with car accidents.If you’ve done all you can to obtain a fair settlement with the other driver’s insurance company after a San Antonio car accident, and still get an offer that’s too low to cover the costs of your injuries, it may be time to consider litigation. However, don’t take this decision lightly, as there may be several factors that need your consideration before taking such a drastic course of action.

If you think suing the insurance company is unavoidable, asks yourself these questions before making a final decision.

  • Am I out of options? Even if an insurance company makes a low initial settlement offer, you and your lawyer can still negotiate for better terms. In fact, lawyers expect insurance companies to make low offers during the first round of negotiations.
  • Do I have realistic expectations of my claim? Claimants often feel they’re getting unfair settlements because their expectations don’t match the reality of their circumstances and claim.
  • Is my case for a personal injury claim strong? A claim should be backed up by documentation and evidence; otherwise, an accident injury lawsuit won’t do you any good.
  • Do I have the support and resources to reach a successful personal injury lawsuit? These include reliable witnesses, documentation, and a solid understanding of personal injury law and insurance policies. Anything less might not lead to a successful settlement against the insurance company. In cases like these, legal support can be your key to success


Know what your options are first before making any decisions about your personal injury claim in Texas. Consult our experienced San Antonio car accident attorneys and find answers to your questions, and know what kind of outcome to expect from your case. Our accident lawyers can help you acquire the fair settlement you deserve. Contact our legal team for a free, no-obligation consult. And while you’re at it, download a a free copy of our book, “10 Deadly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Texas Accident Claim.”  For a free consultation, at no obligation to you, call us at (210) 593-8709, or contact us here.


San Antonio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Handling Your Own Car Accident Claim.When you find yourself wondering if you need a lawyer for your injury claim, it’s probably time to get one. And if you’re ever in doubt, just ask. Our team of San Antonio car accident lawyers is available to provide answers to frequently asked questions about car accident claims, providing a confidential and no-obligation assessment to car accident victims and their families in Texas.

Our San Antonio accident lawyers can go over the specifics of your case, answering your questions, and telling you with all honesty whether you truly need the assistance of a lawyer. To be honest, many claims are so simple they don’t even require the intervention of a lawyer, so our initial task is to determine whether you need our legal assistance or not, and inform you how and why a lawyer can be of help.

In many instances, it’s more than possible to go about a settlement on your own. However, it’s also true that some cases are too complex to negotiate yourself, making it necessary to hire an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer, who can make the difference for the success of your settlement.

As a rule of thumb, get a lawyer if:

  • Your car accident injures are serious or disabling
  • Your injuries require long-term treatment
  • Your injuries are getting worse
  • You don’t understand the claims process
  • You don’t understand your rights
  • The insurance company has made a low initial offer
  • The insurance company is coercing you into settling before you’ve recovered from your injuries

Do note that this is by no means an exhaustive list. Auto accident claims are usually not as simple an affair as they should be, which is why we strongly recommend at least talking with a lawyer after suffering a car accident. The experienced car accident attorneys at Barrus Injury Lawyers offers a free, no-obligation consultation to clients in the San Antonio area. Schedule an appointment by calling us at 210-593-8709, or contact us via our contact form. 

We also highly recommend that you download our FREE car accident guide, "10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Texas Case," which will help you understand your injury claim, and help you avoid making mistakes that would ruin your injury claim.


San Antonio car accident lawyer discusses tips on handling car accident injuries.After a San Antonio car accident, the immediate priority is to recover from any injuries you may have sustained from the collision. Unfortunately, many people who have been in a San Antonio auto accident aren’t informed of their rights, particularly when it comes to compensation for their injuries, car repair costs, and more. They may be confused over what the insurance adjuster tells them, how to get assistance, or how to get the most out of their claim when obstacles arise (particularly with the insurance adjusters, who will often try to pressure injured victims to do things that will hurt their claim).

What Happens After an Auto Accident?

Even if it’s obvious that the other driver was responsible for the accident, holding him responsible is sometimes not as easy many accident victims expect. This is exactly why it’s important to speak with someone reliable about your legal options following an accident. Here are two easy ways to cut through the confusion and make sense of your insurance claim.

  1. Know your rights and legal options following an auto accident. You’re reading this right now because you’re looking for answers to your questions. Fortunately, car accident victims can turn to a variety of free online resources, which includes our own blog, video library, and article library. These resources may not have specific answers to all questions about your claim, they do offer a good idea of what to expect when going through the claims process.
  2. Speak with a lawyer specializing in personal injury and car accident claims. No two accidents are the same, and the best source of information about how to get the most out of a settlement will always be a lawyer who’s familiar with personal injury cases, one who can thoroughly review the circumstances of your claim. Seeking professional help allows you to get specific answers unique to your situation.

If you’re ready to know more about your options and rights when filing a personal injury claim, contact the experienced San Antonio car accident attorneys at Barrus Injury Lawyers and schedule a no-obligation consultation about your case. Better yet, request a free copy of our book, “10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Texas Accident Case,” or fill out a contact form here.

San Antonio injury lawyer Stacey Barrus discusses Catastophic Injuries.While injuries resulting in death are obviously the most serious injuries, injuries causing amputation or dismemberment are a close second. These types of serious injuries are usually permanent, and thus affect both the injured person, as well as their families. In fact, amputation and dismemberment injuries are so serious that victims and their families almost always need to make drastic changes to the way they live, and these injuries impact nearly every aspect of a victim and their families lives.

Next to an injury causing death, amputation injuries are probably the most serious personal injury a person can suffer. These injuries are almost always permanent, and will affect not only the individual but also the victim’s family. There are many concessions that the victim and his or her family must make after such a life-altering event.

This article will address amputation and dismemberment injuries, and how these injuries factor into the compensation a victim could receive.

Two Types of Amputation Injuries

Amputation injuries are defined as those injuries that result in the loss of one of the extremities to a person’s body. Essentially, amputation refers to the loss of a limb, and can either occur during an accident, or surgically as a result of injuries that require an extremity to be removed by a medical professional. The most common amputation injuries involve toes, fingers, hands, feet, legs, or arms. However, eyes may also be subject to amputation as a result of serious injuries.

While surgical amputations are the most common, serious injuries may also result in “traumatic amputation,” which occurs when a body part is torn off. The accidents that most commonly result in traumatic amputation are generally accidents involving motorized vehicles such as serious car accidents, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, boats, or ATVs. Another common cause of traumatic amputation is the use of heavy equipment, or industrial machinery, which usually occurs in connection with workplace injuries.

Adjusting to Amputation Injuries

Adjusting to the loss of a limb is a traumatic adjustment for victims and their families, both physically and emotionally. Not only is physical recovery from the injury itself a slow and difficult process, but the psychological effects of an amputation injury can take years for victims and their families. Adjusting to live without a limb is a difficult process as the victim embarks on the process of relearning how to do simple everyday things that most of us take for granted.

Financial recovery

Another aspect of recovery after an amputation or dismemberment injury is being able to recover financially. Most often, amputee victims have missed time from work, or have even lost their jobs and the ability to pay their mortgages and every day living expenses. That is why we fight aggressively to help victims of serious injuries receive the fair compensation they deserve. Adequate compensation allows the victim to:

  • Pay present and future medical expenses.
  • Obtain necessary medical devices or equipment to help them in performing daily activities.
  • Replace lost income, including income the person would have received in the future.
  • Pay for rehabilitation and physical therapy expenses.
  • Pay for psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, or other disorders.
  • Hire medical personnel to assist in recovery.

These items can be very costly, many of which will be a continuing expense for the life of the victim. Replacing a victim’s income is of utmost importance, especially when the victim can no longer perform their former employment functions, and must learn a new skill or trade. This is why having the best San Antonio injury lawyer on your side can make recovery from serious injuries easier for victims and their families.